• Lynn K.
    Office Manager/Receptionist

     Lynn has been working along side Dr. Grewal since 1991. She has a deep compassion for animals. She enjoys working with animals, as well as their owners. She is the proud owner of three chihuahuas and 2 cats. She is a crucial part of the West Allis Vet Clinic team.

  • Brandy J.
    Assistant Office Manager/Receptionist

    Brandy started working at West Allis Veterinary Clinic in 2012. She went to MATC for Business Management. She enjoys making our clients feel welcomed like family and taking pictures of your cute furrbabies. As a hobby, she travels to Tattoo Conventions in the midwest and loves spending time with her son.

  • Shannon K.
    Lead Veterinary Assistant

    Shannon has been working at WAVC since Spring 2016. She has been handling animals since she was 10 years old, volunteering at local shelters. After high school, she went to Milwaukee Career College and graduated as a vet assistant. Her goal is to go back to school to be a Certified Vet Technician and have her own shelter.

  • Leann N.
    Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

     Leann is one of the trained assistants here to make your loved one comfortable during their visit here.  She has been working here since 2008. You will also see her greeting you at the front desk. She also assists the doctors during the exams, as well as surgeries.

  • Helena H.
    Veterinary Assistant

    Helena has been working at West Allis Veterinary Clinic since 2014. She assists the doctors in the rooms, surgeries and performs dental cleanings. She has 5 cats and 4 dogs. Her doberman has earned his CGC and is on his way to become a therapy dog. She loves working with animals at work and at home.

  • Emily D.
    Veterinary Assistant

    Emily started working with the company since Fall 2016. She is a recent graduate from Milwaukee Career College as a Vet Assistant. She will continue to pursue her education in Spring 2018, to become a Certified Vet Technician. She enjoys helping animals feel better and treats them as if they were her own. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dog 'Phineas'.

  • Taleeia A.
    Veterinary Assistant

    Taleeia has been with WAVC  since Fall 2016. She currently attends Gateway College for Physical Therapist Assistant. She loves greeting the owners and pets, as she assists the doctors in exam rooms. She enjoys giving unconditional love to the pets as they are recovering from surgical procedures, and making them happy before they go home. During her spare time, she likes to dance and sing, volunteer on a farm with horses and doing fun activities for the public.

  • Marisa B.
    Veterinary Assistant

    Marisa has been with WAVC since Spring 2017. She graduated from Milwaukee Career College in 2015 as a Veterinary Assistant. She likes to help assists the doctors in exam rooms and surgeries. She has 1 dog, 3 ferrets and a cat. During her spare time, she enjoys walks with her puppy.

  • Tiffany L.
    Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

    Tifanny started working with WAVC since early Spring 2017. She has graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Milwaukee Career College. During her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends.

  • Alijah M. (A.J.)
    Veterinary Assistant

    A.J. recently started working with us since Fall 2017. It has always been her passion since she was a little girl to work with animals. Her goal one day is to go to school and become certified as a vet technician.

  • LUNDU Grewal -- The Cat

    The Clinic Mascot/ Assistant Manager

  • The Cutest cat in the world.

    We miss you....Rest in Peace

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